Max Williams 29 jeunesse Restoration 

Albeit this machine will be in flying order, it will remains static: with the current aeronautical regulations, this machine could no longer fly.
Donated in april 2016 by Mr. Pletinckx, the machine was complete but required a serious refurbishing
April 2016 - Donation of a mofified Max Williams Jeunesse glider
The fuselage
The wood structure is cleaned and varnished. All the metallic parts and cables are cleaned before receiving anti-corrosion treatment for better conservation.
As for the fuselage, the wood structure is cleaned and varnished & all the metallic parts and cables are cleaned before receiving anti-corrosion treatment. A long and painstaking job !
Spring-summer 2016 - The wings
The fuselage structure is so thin and fragile that, to prevent damage, the piano wires and most of the metal fittings were not disas-sembled. They needed to be cleaned while still being attached on the structure, a long and tedious work.
Autumn 2016 - Fabric covering
The elevators fabric covering was done by a BAPA supporter to teach the Jeunesse's restoration team how to use Diatex.
2017 - Restoration  of  several accessories
100% of the original parts are re-used.
Spring 2017- Fabric coverig of fuselage parts
Summer 2017 - Fabric covering Continue
Fabric covering is a long and tedious job. With this particular machine, its complicated by the fact that some parts cannot be dismantled or not designed for easy fabric covering.
November 2017 - Visit of Mr Pletinckx. 

The tail and masts can not be disassembled because of structure weakness
During this visit Mr Pletinckx, builder and donator of the machine, had the opportunity to see the progress of the work and to provide details about the Jeunesse's construction.
fabric covering was suspended for the winter and resumed in May 2018 with the rising of the temperatures 
June 2018 - The restauration of the fusalage (wood and metal parts) is completed

April 2019
Reassembly of the aircraft 
The restoration completed!
April 20, 2019, first exhibition in the presence of its builder Mr. Pletinckx, 50 years after its first flight in 1969.
A workshop is a place where you will find lots of tools, but also humanity.