North American B-25 J Project 

The objective of the restoration is to have a complete airplane in WWII stock condition for static display. Given the condition of the plane when recovered, a restoration to flying condition would require a complete reconstruction of the aircraft and would be extremely costy.   
A workshop is a place where you will find lots of tools, but also humanity.
2005- a suitable B-25 is found in UK
The B-25 is stored in Belgium. A workshop is needed to start working in proper conditions
2006 - B-25 Back to Belgium
Sandblasting was carried out by a specialized company. This operation took place during the very cold month of December 2009. Sandblasting was essential to stop the corrosion of an airframe that suffered years of neglect in the open.
2009 - Sandblasting and protective paint
2013 - Arrival in the newly opened BAPA workshop in Gembloux
2013 - Forward fuselage restoration started
After much needed work, the nose gear looks like new. It is currently displayed on a supporting frame and will be re-installed on the airplane once the nose gear weel has been refurbished.
2013 - Nose Gear Restoration
The bombardier's compartment windows frames have been fixed.

Many components had to be removed to allow full access
2014 - Main landing gear chassis assembly restoration
2014 - engines are found and purchased
August 2014 - the two Wright 2600 engines are delivered, they come from Ireland
2015 - Purchase of some radio equipement
December 2015- the bombardier's compartment is painted...
Like for the nose gear, this gear is currently displayed and will be re-installed once the centre section has been refurbished.
March 2016- Installation of new perspex in the bombardier’s compartment
It's very painful to work in a B-25. From the outside it's looking big, when you are inside it's small and cramped.
2016 - restoration of various equipments of the main landing gear be used in the filming of the “court métrage” Airmen (2016)
The mount has been repaired following the donation of a .50 gun frame in early 2017
Spring 2017 - the flexible .50 nose gun mount is repaired
Spring 2017- new parts are manufactured
Some parts are missing or too damaged to be repaired and cannot be found anymore, like the armoured floor of the bombardier's enclosure
July 2017-construction of a transport dolly
This dolly was needed to transport the B-25 to the fort of Lantin for the BMVT rally.
Summer 2017-some sheet metal and paint job is done
Autumn 2017- design and manufacture of mock Browning .50 gun.
Automn 2017-some components of the hydraulic system and bomb bay mechanism are refurbished
2018 - Restoration of the nose gear well
March 2018 construction of a new dolly for the rear fuselage
January 2018-The equipment in the nose gear well is removed to be refurbished and to enable the repair of the well.