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News 20170504: Romibutter OO-504
Another ultralight has rejoigned our collection thanks one of our member. 
The Romibutter is a Butterfly with a new fuselage fitted with an engine in frontal position. This unique ULM was conceived and built by Michel Rocourt, hence the name RO+MI+Butter. 

It ended its flying career some years ago and was preserved by Alain Blondiau until now. It is complete and exhibited at the workshop. It is one of the oldest Belgian registered ultralights to be preserved. 

More info soon on our website.

News 20170201: A New Browning .50 in for the B-25
BAPA warmly thanks Mr. Vincent Pécriaux for the donation of a Browning .50 "aeronautical version" machine gun in quite good condition. The internal mechanism and the barrel are missing. 
This machine gun has already found its place. It will be installed in the nose of the B-25. 
BAPA currently has two nearly identical Browning .50 "aviation" machine-guns. With these two uncomplete models, we intend to realize the drawings of a complete machine-gun and to be able to reconstruct replicas as close as possible to the originals.

News 20161211: New Albatros in the collection
This Saturday december 3 saw the arrival of our new acquisition : an ultralight Aviasud Albatros AE209 . 
It was given by Michel Baudrux who based it at the nearby Liernu ulmodrome. Except the propeller and two instruments, it is complete and in state of airworthiness. 
The Albatros was designed by the belgians engineers Bernard d’Otreppe and François Goethals who founded Aviasud at Frejus in France to produce their others famous ultralights : the Sirocco and the Mistral. 
Although french registered, the Albatros find its place thanks its belgian linkage in our collection. 
Many thanks to Michel Baudrux for this beautiful gift. 
News 20160919: open doors BAPA 2016 close on success
Despite a morning uncertain weather, the BAPA open doors were held successfully and closed in sunny weather. 
Many visitors came to watch our workshop and the progress of our projects and expressed their satisfaction. 
The exhibitors are satisfied with their day and have already indicated that they planned to come back next year.
News 20160810: Aerovintage at St-Hubert Airfield the 27 and 28 august 2016
On Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 of August, the BAPA will be pleased to welcome you at Saint-hubert Airfield, during the Aerovintage. 
Come and pay us a visit to share a friendly moment.
News 20160622: BAF days the 25 and 26 June 2016
On Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 of June, the BAPA will be pleased to welcome you at Florennes, during the Belgian Air Force Days. 
Come and pay us a visit to share a friendly moment at booth A.3.73
News 20160610: Donation of an engine Continental O-470 M
The engine Continental O-470 M (6-cylinder engine - 240 hp) is coming in the BAPA collection. In Belgium, this type of engine powered the Cessna 310B used by the Belgian Aviation School (Ecole d'aviation civile/ Burgerluchtvaart-school) 
This engine was delivered in perfect condition. This piece will be exposed after setting on a frame.  
BAPA warmly thanks Mr. Roger Poncelet for his donation and his confidence.
News 20160401: Donation of a glider "Jeunesse" by M. Pletinckx
The Max Williams 29 «Jeunesse» (modified) was given by Mr. Pletinckx in april 2016.

This new piece of our collection is in a quite good condition. This glider need to be cleaned and the fabric covering need to be replaced.

BAPA warmly thanks Mr. Pletings for this donation and his confidence 
News 20160305: NEW WEBSITE
BAPA is proud to present his new website with a new URL The purpose of this new website is present  the activities en events of the association. present the workshop activities, thes collections, the flying squadron and BAPA's master piece: the B25 Mitchell. 
News 20160123: Shooting at the workshop
Some scenes were shot this saturday January 23th aboard our B25 at the wokshop. These scene are incuded in a short film witch will be presented at the Brussels International fantastic Film festival 2016.

This short film is directed by Olivier Mercks (Member of BAPA).