Collection - Warbirds

Type: Medium bomber 
Model: B25 Mitchell
Manufacture: North American Aviation, Inc
Status: Restoration at the workshop
This B-25 is a Movie Star. It flew in movie Catch-22 as "Laden Maiden" in 1968-1969. Later on in 1978 it flew in "Hannover Street" as 151632 "Gorgeous George-Ann" and later "Thar She Blows".

The B25 project is supported by King Baudouin Fondation. All payments higher than 40 euros allow to enjoy of a tax deduction. Any money paid to the KBF shall be exclusively used  for the project B25. Structured communication "128/2714/00065" is required for acceptance of payment.
VX 950, the last of the Vampire FB5S used by the French air force.
The vampire is an interesting aircraft in more ways than one: one of the first jets, it incorporates both proven and innovative technologies (jet engine). Once restored, it will show how the aircraft was designed taking into account the limitations of the first jet engines. Brilliant design when you consider the number of years the vampire has remained operational!    .
Type: Fighter bomber
Model: dh-100 "Vampire" FB5
Serial: VX 950
Manufacture: De Havilland
Status:Private Collection
          Stored, components restoration
Type: observation plane
Model:  AOP6      
Serial: A14
Manufacturer: Auster
Status: Private collection
The Auster Model K, named AOP6 (Air Observation Post), is a light observation aircraft designed by Auster Aircraft Ltd.

 Belgium ordered 22 AOP6  for the newly created Belgian Air Force, amongst which the A14.