Collection - Warbirds

Type: Medum bomber 
Model: B25 Mitchell
Manufacture: North American Aviation, Inc
Status: Restoration at the workshop
This B-25 is a Movie Star. It flew in movie Catch-22 as "Laden Maiden" in 1968-1969. Later on in 1978 it flew in "Hannover Street" as 151632 "Gorgeous George-Ann" and later "Thar She Blows".

The B25 project is supported by King Baudouin Fondation. All payments higher than 40 euros allow to enjoy of a tax deduction. Any money paid to the KBF shall be exclusively used  for the project B25. Structured communication "128/2714/00065" is required for acceptance of payment.
Glider: Focke-Achgelis FA-330 Bachstelze
Manufacturer: Focke-Achgelis GmbH
Private collection 
Status: stored, display contition to the owner
Because of their low profile in the water, WWII german submarines could not see more than a few miles over the ocean. 
The simpliest solution was a single-seater autogyro kite with a three-bladed rotor that was towed by the submarine.