SH-1Standard Austria

The Austria glider was commissioned by the Österreichischer Aeroclub to compete in the 1960 OSTIV competition for a Standard class sailplane ; competition that it won.

The design aims were to produce a glider with a low wing loading and a high lift/drag ratio.

To achieve this, the Austria was built primarily of wood with plywood skinning and a glass-fibre nose section and tail cone. The cantilever wings are unusual in having no spars.

After the initial production run in Austria, the production was moved to Schempp-Hirth in Germany during 1962 where it was developped with another airfoil. A total of 81 were built.

It held the world goal record of 737 km and the world goal-and-return record of 698 km.
SH1 characteristics :                       
Performances :
Length : 6,2 m Stall speed : 55 km/h
Wingspan : 15 m Maximum Speed : 250 km/h
Wing area: 13,5 m² Winch launch speed: 95 km/h
Wing load: 25,81 kg/m²  
Empty weight : 243 kg  
Aspect ratio : 16,7  
Airfoil: Eppler 266  
B.A.P.A. examplar : # 55 built during 1964, it was registered OO-ZTL on 16 april 1965. 

Its last owner based it at Temploux where it was unfortunately slightly damaged due to a temporary external storage. Given by Willy Marrot in october 2013, the fuselage was repainted in its original striking « Austigra in the sky » scheme. The wings need to be restored and the instrument panel is missing.