Cessna 310B OO-SEI
The Model 310 was a 5-place light twin. It was the first airplane built by Cessna to have retractable tricycle landing gear. It was also the first Cessna design to be tested in a wind tunnel. The Model 310 was in production from 1954 to 1980, a total of 6321 of all variants were built. The 310B variant was produced in 1958 only. The 193 liters wing-tip-mounted fuel tanks were the main design feature of the 310. In the early 310 models, the entire fuel load was carried in the tip tanks, with none in the wings. It was felt that keeping fuel as far from the passenger compartment was safer in the event of an accident, even though they caused some handling difficulties and slowed the airplane by nearly 16 kilometers per hour. The Model 310 was in production from 1954 to 1980, a total of 6,321 of all variants were built. 
The École d’aviation civile (EAC), who provided training for the future Sabena airline pilots, used the Cessna 310B from 1958 till 1980 for advanced training. 
Cessna 310B OO-SEI history 
- Construction number 65636, US registration N5436A. 
- US export certificate of airworthiness issued on 24/2/1958. 
- Delivered on 1/3/1958. 
- Registered OO-SEI on 10/3/1958 for SABENA. Certificate of airworthiness n°1180. 
- Used for training flights, charter flights, and navigation training at the Civil Aviation School. The C310B replaced the Saab Safir and are based at Grimbergen. 
- Used for advertising for the newspaper "La dernière heure" in July 1961. It is used occasionally for first flights. 
- The C310B's are withdrawn from service in the early 1980's, they are stored outside in Zaventem to be sold 
- The certificate of airworthiness of OO-SEI expired on 7/7/1981 and is not renewed. 
- The OO-SEI is struck off the Belgian register on 27/1/1988. 
- recovered by the Sabena Old Timers who want to use it as a support aircraft for their Westland Lysander during airshows. 
- During the restoration, it is sold in March 1995 to the VLOC technical school of Oostende. 
- The school received newer training equipment, the OO-SEI is then stored outdoor in September 2018. 
- Donated in August 2020 to BAPA and brought back to the association's premises on 21/1/2021  
Length: 8 m (8.23 m including the extended nose wheel 
Wingspan 10.89 m 
Height 3.25 m 
Empty weight 1293 kg  
Maximum takeoff weight 2132 kg 
Engines: 2 Continental Motors O-470-M  rated at 240 hp 
Maximum 322 km/h 
Maximum 399 kilometers per hour 
Service ceiling 6,096 meters 
Range 1609 kilometers

Above: The 310B while usd by the "Ecole d’Aviation Civile", when  used to make publicity for "La Dernière Heure" and at the VLOC school in Oostende.